Coin worth £18.5M with more than more than 6,000 diamonds revealed

Coin worth an estimated £18.5 million with more than 6,000 diamonds unveiled to mark anniversary of Queen’s death

  • London-based brand, East India Company, said the tribute is ‘truly unique’
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A basketball sized coin with more than 6,000 diamonds on it has been revealed to honour Queen Elizabeth II on the first anniversary of her death.  

Named ‘The Crown Coin’, the artefact has been crafted by the Mayfair-based East India Company, to mark the ‘enduring legacy’ of the late monarch.

The lavish artefact includes a 1kg gold coin, ten 24-carat gold coins and 6,426 GIA certified diamonds and is worth an estimated £18.5 million. 

The company  – which brought the infamous 17th Century tea traders – unveiled the coin on social media, and revealed the five official portraits of the Queen illustrated on the jewel, including the Machin portrait and The Jody Clark portrait.

The coin set out to incorporate a series of virtues that the lifestyle brand associated with the late queen and her reign: courage, justice, truth, victory, charity, and constancy.

London-based lifestyle brand, East India Company, have unveiled ‘The Crown Coin’ (pictured) to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II

The crafters of the coin took artistic inspiration from the detailed dome in St Paul’s cathedral.  

Taking to social media, the company said: ‘Introducing The Crown Coin, a once in a lifetime tribute to The Queen.

‘We are delighted to announce the launch of The Crown Coin – an extraordinary tribute piece created to commemorate the enduring legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

‘The Crown Coin is a truly unique, tribute piece, recognised as one of the most expensive coins ever produced. 

‘It consists of 11 exquisite 24-carat gold coins, with the centrepiece weighing an impressive 1 kilogram and the remaining 10 coins weighing 1 ounce each, with 6,426 GIA certified diamonds set within the piece, each one hand-set into the gold backdrop.

‘We invite you to view the piece and the making of in more detail on our website.’

The East India Company was the paragon of British imperialism, set up to exploit India’s wealth of resources and ending up governing large parts the country in the process.

At its height the East India Company controlled 50 per cent of world trade, bringing tea and coffee to the breakfast tables of the West and spices around the globe. 

The coin was revealed ahead of the first anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth’s (pictured) passing, which happened on 8 September 2022 

The coin incorporates the five official portraits of the Queen, including the Machin Portrait and The Jody Clark Portrait

It was dissolved and put back together several time, and the business was relaunched as a luxury lifestyle brand- by an Indian entrepreneur, Sanjiv Mehta, 13 years ago.

The coin was unveiled before the first anniversary of the Queen’s passing, which happened Friday 8 September 2022.

According to reports, the anniversary will be marked by the Prince and Princess of Wales, who are expected to lead tributes to the late monarch on the anniversary of her death.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will reportedly deliver a message to Britons in honour of the Queen’s legacy, although it is unclear whether this will be made in person, broadcast on television, or via social media channels.

King Charles III will not be making a public appearance, and there will not be an official family gathering on the first anniversary of the Queen’s death, a spokesperson for the royal family has confirmed.

Instead, King Charles is reportedly expected to spend the day ‘quietly and privately’ at Balmoral in Scotland, where she passed away.

While the Duke of Sussex is in London on Thursday September 7 to attend an event for WellChild – a charity for seriously ill children of which he is a patron – he is not expected to meet other royals.

However, we could expect to see tributes paid publicly via statements and on social media to mark the date of her passing.

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