Dating coach reveals 5 traits that make people bad at dating

I’m a dating coach and here are 5 types of people who are surprisingly bad at dating

  • Jacob Lucas is a professional dating coach and TikTokker who is based in the UK 
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A dating expert has revealed five types of people who can be surprisingly bad at dating – because of their positive qualities.

Jacob Lucas is a UK-based coach who has used his real-life methods to ‘help millions of people get the love life they have always wanted’.

He is the author of guidebook Her Dating Coach, he works directly with clients, and he also shares dating content on TikTok with his 766,000 followers. 

In a recent video, he discussed how positive qualities, like being intelligent and ambitious, can actually hamper people’s efforts when it comes to relationships.

Speaking in the video, Jacob says: ‘I’m a professional dating coach. And [here are] five types of people who surprisingly, struggle when dating because of their good traits.

Dating coach Jacob Lucas (pictured) has revealed that some positive traits can, surprisingly, make dating more difficult

‘You might even have all five of these traits. And if you do, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.’

The number one trait he lists in the video is intelligence.

According to Jacob: ‘Intelligent people…struggle when dating, because intelligent people need a lot of mental stimulation, and they need a partner on the same wavelength.

‘Also, they get very bored of surface-level conversations, and want deep conversations. And that can be quite hard to find.’

The second positive trait he lists is being ‘very good looking’. Jacob explains: ‘Firstly, if you’re very good looking, most people won’t even approach you because they’re scared that you’re going to reject them anyway. 

‘And it’s going to make the dating experience quite isolating for you. 

‘And secondly, if you’re very good looking, people get very nervous around you and tend to treat you differently. So it can be quite hard to find out what people’s true personalities are like.’ 

Moving onto the third positive trait that can making dating more difficult, Jacob lists people who ‘love romance in their relationship’. 

Among the people who can find dating tougher are good looking ones, those who are intelligent, those with ambition, romantic types and very loyal people, according to Jacob

He says: ‘They sometimes struggle when dating because they want to go on romantic dates, and have big romantic gestures in their relationship.

‘And some people don’t value that sort of thing. So the amount of people who they would date becomes a lot smaller.’ 

The fourth trait is ambition, with Jacob saying that if someone is very ambitious, and they’re dating somebody who is not ambitious, it can ‘lead to a lot of awkward conversations’. This, he explains, is because ‘they don’t have the same mindset’. 

He adds: ‘So ambitious people tend to do much better when they date other ambitious people.’

Finally, he says the fifth positive trait that can make dating tough is being ‘100 per cent loyal’, as these types of people often expect this in others – but don’t always find it. 

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