Fitness expert, 66, sees daughter, 33, follow her footsteps

I’m a 66-year-old fitness instructor and my 33-year-old daughter has followed in my footsteps – I love creating workouts with her

  • Denise Austin, from California, sees daughter, 33, follow her footsteps
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A fitness expert who has worked in the industry for nearly 40 years was thrilled when her 33-year-old daughter decided to follow in her footsteps. 

Denise Austin, from San Pedro, California, is a 66-year-old pioneer in the exercise industry and best-selling author and creator of Fit Over 50 Magazine.

Taking to TikTok, the fitness coach was joined by her 33-year-old daughter Katie to show off high and low impact workout options. 

In the clip, which racked up over 18,000 views, was captioned: ‘Mother / Daughter workout and this one is PERFECT because @katieaustin shows high-impact moves, and I show the low-impact options!’ 

Denise called it ‘perfect’ because Katie did the high-impact moves, while she herself showed off the low-impact options.

Denise Austin , (right) from San Pedro, California , who has been working in the industry for 40 years sees daughter, Katie, 33, (left) follow her footsteps

Katie showed off her toned physique in a pink leggings set, while her mother wore a bright blue body suit that showed off her figure. 

In the clip, Katie performed jumping jacks while her mother did side-to-side steps with her arms raised.

Next, Denise did low squats into raised arms, while her daughter did squat jumps and moved onto butt kicks, while her mother did an alternative version.

The last two moves were squats and skater hops, which Denise does in a modified way.

In another video, Katie and Denise revealed how the daughter was ‘following in her mother’s footsteps.’

Writing on screen: ‘My mom 30 years ago: ”I wonder what my future daughter would be doing.

‘Well she’s actually following in your fitness footsteps, just doing it a little differently.’

At the end of the video, the pair smiled together with a subtitle that appeared over them that said: ‘And NOW we do it together!!!’

Taking to TikTok , the fitness coach was joined by her 30-year-old daughter Katie to show off high and low impact workout options

Many rushed to the comments to say the mother and daughter duo look like ‘sisters’

Many rushed to the comments to say the mother and daughter duo look like ‘sisters’.

One person said: ‘She is your twin!!!’ Another said: ‘you look like sisters!!’

Someone else wrote: ‘she’s a mini you.’ 

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