I work at McDonalds drive-thru and ignore customers who say "hello"

A stop-off at a McDonald's drive-thru can be a lifesaver if you're in need af a quick bite to eat in the middle of your journey.

But, one Maccies worker has admitted she will ignore customers who have an annoying habit she can't stand when they drive up.

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The Aussie woman, who posts under the username @maccasworkeraddict, urged people to not to get impatient and "scream hello" as soon as they enter the drive-thru.

She urged people not to do it when they are ordering their food as the fast food worker claims she will purposely leave people waiting if they are.

In a video, she was seen mocking people who complain about being ignored at the drive-thru.

The young lass looked smug as she threw up 'L' for loser signs with her fingers, indicating that she believes the exact opposite.

Captioning the clip, she wrote: "You can't keep ignoring the car in the drive thru just because they screamed 'Hello' as soon as they get there."

TikTok users were left divided over the clip as some people argue that they sometimes need to say something if they've been there a while.

A user said: "I say hello because I don't know if they know I'm there."

But the employee replied and said: "That's allowed. If you're waiting ages then you can say something."

However, other people have branded her "rude" and "entitled" for her revelation.

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One user commented: "How about just saying, "One second, I'll be right with you."

Another brutally said: "Your sh**y customer service is why you'll stay there too."

Although, other McDonald's workers agreed with her point and shared their own experiences.

One user added: "When they pull up and scream 'hello' as soon as they get there so you ask them what they want and they say 'yeah mate still deciding'."

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