Im a proud plastic bimbo with $1million in Cartier – married men paid for it

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    The self-proclaimed 'trophy gold digger' Skylar Nicole has her fans to thank for her lavish lifestyle and 34L boobs.

    The Instagram model has quite the following on social media thanks to a number of plastic surgeries that have seen sport big breasts as well as going under the knife for her nose and bum.

    Nicole, who describes herself as a 'proud plastic bimbo' is grateful for the lifestyle she's been able to live thanks to ex-partners and her online fans.

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    During an interview on an episode of Hooked On the Look, the blonde beauty opened up about all the surgeries she's had and how much money its added up to.

    "My fans are all for my big boobs so they pay my rent, they pay for my lifestyle, I think I've spent about $200,000 from injections to all the plastic surgeries," she said on Truly.

    "Plastic surgery really gives you that confidence, that ego boost, you're just blown through the roof, I feel untouchable."

    Nicole opened up about her past relationships where she received new boobs for one of her birthdays as well as her six month romance with her millionaire ex-husband.

    "I was fortunate to have my boyfriend who I was seeing buy me my 2000cc's for my birthday. Best birthday ever," she added.

    "I met my ex-husband on a site and we decided that we really liked each other and we would continue an arrangement.

    "We had seven homes, I always wanted a beach house and then I wanted a high rise in Vegas, I had a million dollars in Cartier, literally.

    "My life in LA was incredible, after my marriage dissolved I decided to branch out and come back to California to find a millionaire husband again."

    Nicole laid out the reasons why she'd make a perfect trophy girlfriend but admitted that she wants love at this stage of her life in her next relationship.

    "I don't really complain, I'm always fashionable, I'll cook and clean for you, I look great on the arm, I mean I cost a little bit I am high maintenance but that's just the way it is.

    "I would definitely get married again. But I want it to be for love. I don't want it to be an arrangement or for money. I really want love this time," she said.

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