Most popular baby names of 2023 show two boys names are becoming extinct

The list of the most popular boy and girl names of 2023 has now been released, with Olivia and Noah being the most in-favor names so far.

BabyCenter has found that the top popular boy’s name has changed since last year. The site detailed a trend when it comes to naming baby girls as names ending with ‘E’ have become a popular choice of new parents.

BabyCenter said: “Olivia and Liam were the most popular baby names of 2022, topping the list after also reigning supreme in 2021.

“The top five baby girl names all remained the same in 2021 and 2022 – with each and every name ending in the letter ‘a’. And while there was some movement in the top five boy names from 2021 to 2022, no new names broke into the mix.

Names such as Hayden and Kyle are quickly falling out of popularity and are at risk of becoming “extinct”.

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“In general, it seems like boy names starting with the letter “K” are falling out of favor. Khalid, Kian, Kyle, and Kobe were all among those that fell significantly (between 138 and 60 spots) in the rankings from 2021 to 2022,” BabyCenter found.

“For girls, Hayden was the name that fell the most, by a whopping 202 spots in the rankings. And in unfortunate news, the name Joy was also one of the hardest hit, falling 112 places. We sure hope this one rises back to the top, as we can all use a little more joy in our lives!”

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Most popular baby girl names so far in 2023

  1. Olivia

  2. Emma

  3. Amelia

  4. Ava

  5. Sophia

  6. Charlotte

  7. Isabella

  8. Mia

  9. Luna

  10. Evelyn

  11. Lily

  12. Aria

  13. Aurora

  14. Ellie

  15. Gianna

  16. Harper

  17. Mila

  18. Sofia

  19. Layla

  20. Violet

Most popular baby boy names so far in 2023

  1. Noah

  2. Liam

  3. Oliver

  4. Elijah

  5. Mateo

  6. Lucas

  7. Leo

  8. Levi

  9. Luca

  10. Ezra

  11. Asher

  12. James

  13. Ethan

  14. Sebastian

  15. Henry

  16. Hudson

  17. Jackson

  18. Theo

  19. Aiden

  20. Muhammad

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