Mrs Hinch fans share speedy tip to dry clothes – and you dont need tumble dryer

As household costs continue to rise, many Brits are looking for the best ways to dry laundry inside.

Now in a bid to avoid sending energy bills through the roof in winter, cleaning fans shared the "best way" to dry laundry without using a tumble dryer or heating.

Tumble dryers are common in some family homes, but many households either don't have one or avoid them since they use a lot of energy. Vented tumble dryers can cost around £140 a year to run and condensers around £146.

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Luckily, over on the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook page, one woman asked for laundry drying tips and she got many responses.

She said: "Best way to dry clothes in winter with no tumble dryer?" Since it was shared, the post received over 210 responses and most group members suggested pairing a regular airer with a dehumidifier.

One revealed: "Heated airer and a dehumidifier work perfectly, they are a God send." Another wrote: "I've got a clothes horse and dehumidifier. When I can I get it outside even if a couple of hours."

A third commented: "Airer and a dehumidifier – it is a game changer! Dries so quick and the clothes smell so fresh." As a fourth replied: "Agreed! I always do this. Can't beat the combination. It's saved me loads of money."

Meanwhile a group member agreed using a dehumidifier and airer is "absolutely the best way". She continued: "I can 90% dry a full load in around three hours and there are no nasty damp smells left on the clothes."

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Others suggested to put clothes on an extra spin to remove excess water and leave on an airer to dry. The person shared: "It's dry quicker if you use a dehumidifier too."

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