Optical illusion has odd letter – and people with sharp eyes can spot it fast

Optical illusions can be difficult to understand at times.

While they're hard to solve, some could work wonders for your intelligence and observation skills.

Now the latest brainteaser might just leave you scratching your head for a few days.

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The mind-boggling optical illusion is testing you to discover the hidden F in 17 seconds or less.

In the image, it shows a rows and columns of the letter T with the odd word lingering somewhere.

So get the timer ready and try and solve this brainteaser. Don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments!

These kind of optical illusions certainly give your brain a good workout.

Not only do they have significant benefits like improving your focus, they also help to put your eyesight to the test.

Brainteasers also aid in the development of a more knowledgable intellect.

And with this puzzle you're required to solve it in 17 seconds or less.

Scroll down for the answer…

Most people can't see the letter F instantly but if you do, your eyes are undoubtedly sharp.

Start by scanning each row and column, looking at every single letter.

Then once you see it, you're an optical illusion genius.

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Are you looking for more optical illusions?

Previously, only people with "sharp vision" can spot the golf balls in the optical illusion.

For starters, only six in 10 (60%) of Brits can solve it within the 30 second time period.

Recently we had an optical illusion with an odd word hiding somewhere as only people with "sharp eyes" can spot it.

In the illusion, people are challenged to find the word "Retro" hidden in the sea of words spelt as "Petro".

The beauty of this is that you could have the eyes of a hawk if you manage it in time!

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