Thomas Q. Jones-Narrated NFL Alumni Academy Docu-Series Next Man Up Sets Prime Video U.S. Debut

Neo Studios’ six-part docu-series “Next Man Up: Inside the NFL Alumni Academy” has debuted exclusively on Prime Video in the U.S.

Set within the NFL Hall of Fame Village, the series is narrated and executive produced by by actor and former NFL player Thomas Q. Jones. It follows the journeys of recently released NFL players as they aim to step in for injured NFL players mid-season and reenter the league. From rigorous training sessions to unexpected twists, the series provides an in-depth look into the NFL Alumni Academy’s second school season.

The NFL Alumni Academy kicks off in the third week of the NFL season, with a primary focus on training players for positions most susceptible to injuries: offensive line, defensive line, and running backs. Essentially a startup initiative, the Academy welcomes players who have either recently been let go by NFL teams or have long awaited a chance to prove themselves on the big stage. Over the course of 14 weeks, these 15 athletes undergo intensive training, striving for the slim 1% chance of securing a spot on an NFL roster. Equipped with new tools, skills, and improved fitness, they embark on their final endeavor to earn a place in the NFL.

Jones, said: “I’m excited to be an executive producer on this insightful docu-series, which showcases the trials and tribulations of aspiring NFL players. Narrating this project allowed me to relive the emotional rollercoaster I experienced during my 12-year NFL career. ‘Next Man Up’ is a must-see for football fans.”

Director Scott Messick added: “Directing ‘Next Man Up’ was an incredible experience because the stakes were so high for everyone involved. For the players, who all barely missed the NFL 53 man rosters, it was painful to watch them wait for a call that may or may not come. But, it was also incredibly joyful to see some of them called up to have another shot at their dream.”

Executive producers also include Messick, Mike Basone, Melanie Capacia Johnson, Dean Dalton, Brian Klaasmeyer, Mike Crawford, Olivia Steier and Martha Sanchez.

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