Three inconsistencies in The Crown that will upset royals  – as expert says there’s no truth in Diana & Charles moment | The Sun

THE latest and final season of The Crown has today hit screens – but not without controversy.

Experts say some of the lines of truth are dramatically blurred with fiction, and have named three inconsistencies in the Netflix show's newest episodes.

The six episodes became available to the public this morning and are set to cause fresh chaos.

The series notably features the event that shook the British monarchy to its core — the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997.

The new season reenacts the last few months of Princess Diana's troubled life while exploring Prince Charles at the time as a man who wants her replaced in the public's opinion with Camilla.

It's already been claimed Prince Harry will watch the new episodes – but only after one of his pals has scoured it for things that may traumatise him.

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At the same time, sources have claimed Prince William will not watch the show – and he never has.

But eager experts have already done their own scouring – and pointed out what they say is shockingly far from the truth.


At one point, King Charles appears to wage "war" on Diana in the weeks before her death.

The monarch is portrayed to lose his temper after the princess ended up on more front pages than now-Queen Camilla on the day after her 50th birthday.

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In the episode, he flips while hosting the celebrations for his future wife at Highgrove.

But Ingrid Seward, the royal biographer, said there was not a “grain of truth” in that.

She told the Telegraph: “That’s just not him.

“He might have been worried that Diana was intent on trying to eclipse Camilla but would have approached it in a different way.

“I think he would have felt sad that she felt the need to do that.” 


Last year, Netflix came under fire for rewriting Queen’s historic “Annus Horribilis” speech.

So when they portrayed the Queen's address on the eve of Diana's funeral, The Sun's Royal Editor was listening closely.

And while the speech was accurate, it missed off a massive chunk – where the monarch spoke highly of the princess.

Matt Wilkinson said: "The Queen's address on eve of Diana's funeral is accurate unlike her Annus Horribilis speech.

"But they left out: 'I admired and respected her – for her energy and commitment to others, and especially for her devotion to her two boys.

"'This is also an opportunity for me, on behalf of my family, and especially Prince Charles and William and Harry, to thank all of you who have brought flowers, sent messages, and paid your respects in so many ways to a remarkable person.

"'These acts of kindness have been a huge source of help and comfort' – and Netlflix has not said why."


Mohammed Al-Fayed, the father of Diana's lover Dodi, is portrayed as a powerful yet manipulative man in the series, experts say.

The late Harrods tycoon appears as though he is pulling the strings to get the couple together – and making sure it was documented by media at the time.

But Michael Cole, Al-Fayed’s former spokesman, said this was lies and that any suggestion he pushed the couple into anything was “utter nonsense”.

He told the Telegraph: “Mohamed was a remarkable man in many ways.

“He was delighted that his eldest son and his family’s dear friend, Diana, were together. But making two people fall in love with each other? That was beyond even his great talents.

“Because it’s impossible. The reverse is the truth."

Michael said that Al-Fayed has told the couple to take their time when it came to their relationship – and just enjoy themselves.

He added: “More than once I heard him say to Dodi, in Arabic, ‘Shway, shway’ – slow down, take it easy.”

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