We gained weight, stretch marks and rolls over last 5 years – but thats okay

It's inevitable our bodies will change over the years.

And two influencers have shown just exactly how much theirs have in a new Instagram post. Social media stars Isabella Davis and Joanna Kenny were seen sharing four different swimwear photos of themselves.

The pair posted it to show how their bodies looked back in 2017 compared to now. Known for their body positive posts, they talked about gaining weight, as well as 'dimples, rolls and stretch marks'.

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However, they said they 'refused to feel ashamed' about how their bodies had changed and instead are grateful for all their bodies do for them.

Captioning the post, the pair wrote: "Our bodies have changed throughout the years. They are different bodies from the ones we used to live in. They have evolved, gained weight and gathered new dimples, rolls, softness and stretch marks. Even though our bodies have changed we refuse to feel ashamed of that change.

"Because through every exhilarating high and devastating low our bodies have supported us. Carried us and nurtured us through it all. Our bodies have changed to support us. They have evolved to allow us to learn to eat without shame and move in joyful ways.

"Our bodies had to grow, and we’re grateful we let them. Through this change, we learnt that we are so much more than our bodies and that we aren’t any less loveable, beautiful, and worthy of happiness because our bodies have changed. As you can see from the smiles on our faces in recent years we have finally realised that thinness doesn’t equal happiness."

Writing an inspiring message to fans, they concluded: "So if your body has changed or you’ve gained weight, we want to remind you that your weight does not define your worth. Your body will change throughout your entire life and it’s not supposed to look the same as it did 2, 5 or 10 years ago because as humans our bodies grow and evolve they aren’t supposed to stay the same."

Fans of both ladies were loving the post as tons of followers took to the comments section to praise their honest words.

"This is such an amazing reminder," exclaimed one, while another admitted: "You two have helped me more than you'll ever know."

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A third chimed in: "I know when I was trying to be skinny, I was cranky all the time cause I was counting calories. Not the life I want. You go girls."

Australian influencer Isabella, who boasts 267,000 Instagram followers, has previously opened up about gaining weight on the site – with her saying she often dons a bikini so she can 'embrace her extra rolls.'

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