Freddie Mercury auction watch live – Brian May says It’s too sad, I cant look

Freddie Mercury exhibition opens at Sotheby’s

Earlier this year, Mary Austin – the former lover of Freddie Mercury whom he left so much in his will to – announced she was auctioning off the contents of his Garden Lodge home.

For the last month, the Queen singer’s private possessions have been on display at Sotheby’s in London for the public to see, with almost 140,000 people visiting.

This exhibition closed yesterday on what would have been Freddie’s 77th birthday ahead of the auctions.

The first of them, a black tie ticketed event, takes place tonight at 5pm with some of the most valuable and precious lots going up for sale.

Included among these is Freddie’s Yamaha Baby Grand Piano on which he composed Bohemian Rhapsody and is estimated at £2-3 million.

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Despite all the excitement, not everyone is behind Austin’s decision to auction off Freddie’s possessions.

Queen guitarist Sir Brian May expressed his sadness over the whole affair on his Instagram.

The 76-year-old began by sharing a picture of the late singer, saying: “Inescapably thinking so much about Freddie in these strange days. At the time this photo was taken I’m sure it didn’t seem very important to see Freddie’s fingers dancing on my own homemade guitar. Now it summons up waves of affection and great memories. He is so missed.”

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Sir Brian added: “Tomorrow while I’m speaking passionately to Welsh farmers about cows and badgers and bovine TB, Freddie’s most intimate personal effects, and writings that were part of what we shared for so many years, will go under the hammer, to be knocked down to the highest bidder and dispersed forever. I can’t look.

“To us, his closest friends and family, it’s too sad. Thanks @magnolia_stereos for finding the pic. I don’t know the credit. Bri

You can watch the Freddie Mercury auction live tonight at 5pm here.

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