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Coronation Streets Sue Nicholls breaks silence on co-stars dramatic exit: Ill miss him

Coronation Street legend Sue Nicholls, 79, who plays Audrey Roberts, has broken her silence about her on-screen son Stephen Reid’s departure from the show.

As part of Super Soap week, Stephen is about to have his crimes uncovered, and that includes the fact that he stole all the equity in Audrey’s house.

Tonight, the Platt family is shocked to discover his crimes, but as Audrey and Stephen are both missing, they are doing their best to locate them.

We do know that Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen, is leaving the ITV programme this week, and Sue has revealed that she is going to miss him and that she “loved” working with the 62 year old.

She said: “Oh, of course I am going to miss him, we miss having him around already. I absolutely loved working with him. I love Todd and I have to say I have a lot of love for Stephen.

“I've got to say I can't not love Stephen. Todd's a joy, he's delightful. He has worked so hard, and he has had so many days full of long scenes, and he has put his all into creating this character, I think it's been wonderful.

“I've been lucky because I've had a very, very good story, beautifully written. I know I'll miss him, and I'm going to have to stay in touch with him, because I have known him for such a very long time.”

Sue also explained what it has been like to film the dramatic scenes with Todd, saying: “It was wonderful as he is such a joy to work with. 

"It was a moment that needed to happen, Audrey needs to know what sort of person her son is, but when she eventually finds out about the extent of what he has done, she really behaves in a very strange way. She knows what he has done, but he has got into her head, and she feels as though she is responsible.”

The jaw-dropping scenes this week include the majority of the Weatherfield community, and Sue has said that it has been lovely working with Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter Barlow, as that has never happened before.

She explained: “I do love that feeling of everyone being involved. The cast is very big these days, so I don’t often get to work with a lot of them and particularly in the past few years, we have all been very much with our immediate group of characters. I have never had scenes with Chris Gascoyne before, ever. I loved working with him on this storyline. It is interesting to work with someone new, you get a different energy from the scene.”

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