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I was on MAFS UK – here’s how you plan your wedding on the shows tight budget

Chanita Stephenson took a huge leap of faith and said “I do” to a complete stranger on last year’s series of Married At First Sight UK.

The 30-year-old was coupled with Jordan Emmett-Connelly, and the pair looked like they’d be one of the show’s success stories when they first got together – even heading off to begin their new life together at the end of the series.

But a drama-filled reunion episode two months later showed that the spark had died out for them.

Now, OK! columnist Chanita has spilled the beans on the secrets behind the show, including exactly how you go about planning a wedding to a stranger.

The former social worker told us about the bizarre wedding planning process, saying: "You get a budget, everyone gets a budget, the brides and the grooms – the brides get more than the grooms – and from that, you have to find a wedding dress.

"Don't get me wrong, the budget's not the best and especially with the cost of wedding dresses, because they are expensive so you do what you can and, like I said, you have to go buy a wedding dress off the shelf.

"Within that budget, that includes your wedding dress and your bridesmaids.

"My bridesmaids got their own dresses and I put a bit towards it, but mainly because the wedding dress is so expensive, it all goes on that.

On top of the gowns and the suits, Chanita explained how the details of the wedding are chosen when you're kept in the dark about every aspect of your big day.

She said: "They do your hair and make up for the wedding day and obviously they plan the whole wedding.

"It's quite difficult [to plan] because you're not allowed to know anything about your wedding day.

"The brides and the grooms get given a booklet each and you write down your preferences.

"So you put how you might want to have your hair, what bouquet you would like, what kind of interior you would like for the wedding and your flowers and stuff, and I think they compare you and your match and kind of go in between."

Married at First Sight UK airs from Monday 18September at 9pm on E4.

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