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ITV Big Brother fans celebrate as Tom and Jenkin are evicted in dramatic twist

Tonight's Big Brother saw Tom and Jenkin evicted from the house after they and Jordan were transferred to a secret room, before facing the public vote.

Surviving the vote, Jordan returned to the house on Tuesday, 14 November, much to the shock of their fellow housemates, who believed they had been evicted with the other two.

Fans appeared to be happy with the result. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one wrote: "Oh praise god, Jordan is saved! #BBUK"

"They removed the two most miserable people from the house, only the girls and gays left #bbuk" added a second, while a third penned: "WE DID IT!!! JORDAN IS BACK IN THE HOUSE AND TOM AND JENKIN CAN FINALLY F*CK OFF #BBUK"

And a fourth quipped: "TOM AND JENKIN BOTH BEING EVICTED FROM THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE??? Oh we won today LMAOOOO the Public did NOT disappoint."

The double eviction came after Friday's eviction saw Trish and Chanelle axed from the house, leaving viewers, who had become particularly fond of Trish, rather shocked.

Since being evicted from the house Trish was scheduled to appear on Big Brother: Late & Live on Sunday night, but was axed from the schedule after a number of her old tweets came to light.

In a statement on social media, Trish apologised for the "harmful stereotypes perpetuated" in the now-deleted tweets."

Elswhere, Chanelle opened up to OK! about the abuse she has faced since leaving the house.

She told us: "I wasn't shocked that I was evicted, so I did kind of prepare myself for that and I think I prepared myself for a bad reception because I already knew how I was going to be perceived.

"I put my strong girl knickers on and walked out there, I tried to blur it all out."

She continued: "I'm just a normal girl from Wales that goes to work Monday to Friday, to now having to navigate through the trolling, has been absolutely horrendous.

"I think what people need to remember is that you do only see a 45-minute clip and unfortunately you probably do just see the clips of me b**ching when in reality I'm not doing that all day.

"I'm actually having loads of fun, laughing with everyone in the house, but it is what it is in that term.

"I think people also need to remember that everyone in that house talks about each other but unfortunately it looks like I've been doing the most talking behind people's backs when that's actually not the case."

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