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My Mum, Your Dad fans fear Caroline will be left behind as Roger admits awkward truth

My Mum, Your Dad viewers were left frustrated as they watched Roger, 58, sent on a second date with Scottish brunette Caroline, 51, despite Roger's daughter Jess, 28, commenting on how it was clear her dad already fancied blonde bombshell Janey more.

Caroline's daughter Karli, 20, was convinced that her mum and Roger deserved another chance to see how things progress, so host Davina McCall went along with it.

Unfortunately, both Jess and viewers seemed to be right as Roger appeared just as withdrawn on the date and even mentioned that he was torn between Caroline and Janey.

As Caroline continues to put all her eggs in one basket on the show, which has seen other hopefuls opening up on their difficult pasts, viewers were worried that Roger would be too shy to make his true feelings clear, and the former will end up getting "left behind".

Clearly taken-aback by Roger's admission that he also fancied Janey, Caroline appeared subdued as she said: "Janey is stunning."

Karli laughed as she declared there could be a "bit of healthy competition between our mums", but Jess seemed concerned.

Meanwhile, as Janey giggled away and had a wonderful time on her date with Clayton, she admitted that it had been a "wake-up call" for her as she's not in the Retreat for "friendship".

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their worries for Caroline and frustration at the children seemingly forcing the wrong dates where they don't work.

"Roger very clearly fancies Janie more and she’d help him come out of his shell!! #MyMumYourDad," one person posted.

Another wrote: "Should be Roger and Janie #MyMumYourDad."

"#MyMumYourDad Oh I fear this will end in tears for Caroline…," a third person guessed.

While a fourth angry viewer said: "They need to stop pushing Caroline on Roger #MyMumYourDad"

"Stop forcing Rodger and Caroline. He’s not interested #MyMumYourDad," another fan declared, followed by: "My heart for Caroline.

"I feel for Roger's daughter, I think she can see his attraction for Janey was more immediate, but the group is pushing for Roger and Caroline a bit more #MyMumYourDad"

"Aww #caroline is such a lovely lady, really genuine. She seemed really hurt by #Roger saying he liked #janey #MyMumYourDad," another viewer added.

While time will tell if Roger, Caroline and Janey end up in a full-blown love triangle, there's plenty more excitement for the parents as newcomers Martin and Tolullah swept into the Retreat during the latest episode ready for action.

My Mum, Your Dad continues every night at 9pm on ITV

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