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Narcos' sexiest moments ranked – from bathtub romp to outrageous brothel scene | The Sun

NARCOS is a gripping crime drama, but that's not all it's known for.

The explosive drug lords have a lot on their hands with running a cartel – and the stress of their work life often turns into passion in the bedroom.

Across the three seasons of the gritty Netflix show, here are the sexiest moments shared between the crime bosses and their wives – or women of the night.

Season One – Pablo and Paulina

Famous Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar has to make a lot of violent decisions in his working life, but has a soft spot when it comes to his wife, Tata.

The pair share a passionate lovemaking scene in season one when Pablo escapes from prison and his spouse shares that she missed him while he was gone.

They have sex in their bedroom in a steamy sequence which includes a topless Paulina Gaitán.

Actor Wagner Moura can be seen touching a naked Tata and lifting her against the wall for their romp.

While the lights are dim, there is still visible nudity as the married couple embrace each other passionately.

The whole thing unravels, and the two have sex standing up. That's when she asks if he also has "standing sex" with his wife.

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This irritates him, and he lashes out at her, exclaiming, "Don't insult Tata!" To make amends, she requests that he take her from behind now, and this is how they fix their minor misunderstanding.

The hot bathtub scene

Cristina Umana is sitting in a bubbling bathtub with her lover in this scenario, but having sex doesn't seem to be the thing on her mind in this scene.

Her partner gives her money and a property she's wanted for ages to entice her into having sex, but she's too preoccupied with the idea that Pablo is unwilling to make peace with Cali.

All she can think about in a steamy bubble bath while her lover tries to entice her by kissing her all over her neck is Pablo's war tax on them. Not quite the steamy scene we expected.

Season Two – Promise Me

Pablo and Tata make some beautiful love in this scene, and their chemistry as a pair is clearly visible on screen. Pablo corners Tata against the wall and begins softly probing her while they slowly kiss.

The two then engage in intense kissing as Pablo raises her in his arms. You only get to see Paulina Gaitan with the top of her gown undone in this sequence; there is no nudity.

Even so, the relationship between the two characters makes this moment seem sexier than the others.

The Prostitute

Angela Forero makes a brief appearance as a prostitute who is seen having sex with Pablo for a few moments. This moment remains noteworthy due to its mood and genuine emotions. In terms of the total nudity, you do get to see Angela's character's virtually fully bare backside as she straddles Pablo and groans while riding him.

Season 1 – We Get Better Each Time

Connie Murphy is portrayed by Joanna Christie. She engages in sexual contact with Javi (Pedro Pascal) in this intense and passionate encounter.

With nothing but a floral blanket covering their private parts, the two are completely naked in this scene. Connie's guy is sitting on top of her as she lies on her back against a couch.

Following their final kiss, Javi sighs with satisfaction and says, "We get better every time," to which Connie responds, "You're amazing Javi!". We would say this was one of the most memorable sex scenes in the series because of how passionate it was.

I Missed You So Much

Paulina Gaitan shows much more nudity in this video than she did in the last one, and her love for Pablo still seems strong. In a romantically dimmed room, the two make passionate love and she tells him that she missed him so much.

He nods in agreement and responds that he also misses her. They briefly exchange glances before beginning to kiss once more.

Tata and Pablo's sex scenes just always have a lot of love and passion in them and for that reason they make this list.

Season Two – Trying to Forget

Gabriela is portrayed in the programme by Carolina Acevedo. She is shown sitting on the bed in Javi's room in this season 2 episode, naked and preoccupied with contemplation.

When Javi enters, he asks her what it is she is attempting to forget. She only manages a false smile in response, and the very next moment, Javi is drilling her from behind as they engage in intense bed-shaking sex.

Kill Her

Laura Perico plays the role of Marina Ochoa, who is the younger sister of the Ochoa brothers and the mistress of Pablo’s cousin, Gustavo Gaviria (Juan Pablo Raba). 

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For a long time, the two hide their relationship; nevertheless, out of desperation, Marina subsequently advises that they have Pablo kill Gaviria's wife so that they won't have to hide their relationship.

The strange thing is that they are having sex while having this talk. When they are finished, she brings it up once more, but Gustavo dismisses her since he is not yet ready to sacrifice everything for their relationship.

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