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Noel Fitzpatrick pays tribute to gracious late Queen as he wept over her death

Noel Fitzpatrick says late Queen was ‘awesome’ and ‘gracious’

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick shared his memories of Queen Elizabeth II on the first anniversary of her death, describing their “banter” at an intimate lunch.

The Channel 4 star recalled an awkward meeting with the late monarch, and crying when he went to see her coffin being taken into Westminster Abbey for her funeral service.

“She was awesome,” he said on BBC Breakfast speaking of the long reining Queen.

“I was so honoured and privileged to sit down beside her,” he said recollecting a meeting with her in Buckingham Palace back in 2019.

“She was just like a normal person, like my mum talking. It was real banter for a couple of hours.

“I was so honoured. I was at a lunch and I thought there was gonna be 200 people there and there was only eight people there I was sitting right beside her,” he remembered.


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“I had a cast on my leg and accidentally kicked her handbag over and she was totally gracious and talked about her love of animals.

“In the end what was amazing is that I went to see her and say goodbye [when she died].

“I stood outside the gates as her coffin went up, and the thing that struck me the most was her pony standing there in reverence and in adulation of the love that they shared. Peace, serenity, hope and love!

“I cried and cried,” he admitted to host Charlie Stayt and Sarah Campbell.

Noel previously spoke about his lunch encounter with the Queen on Lorraine in March this year.

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“I was sitting to her right hand side, she sat down and the man with my chair missed because I had a big cast on,” he said.

“So I missed whilst sitting, put my foot forward, kicked the Queen’s handbag under the table, and we met approximately one foot over the luncheon table.

“‘Oh I am terribly sorry Your Majesty’, but she was adorable!” he gushed.

“Adorable and we had a good old chat about how I had to have John Travolta leg trousers made for my cast. And she was great, truly!”

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