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The Chase stars reveal what it’s really like to be a Chaser on ITV show – and it sounds exhausting | The Sun

THE Chaser stars have revealed what it is like being a Chaser on the hit ITV quiz show.

The six quiz geniuses have opened up about how they prepare for the ITV show and have disclosed what working with their clever co-stars is like. 

The Chase's professional team comprises six seasoned quizzers, including Mark Labbett, aka The Beast, who has been a staple of the quiz show since its debut season back in 2009, alongside the Barrister Shaun Wallace, aka 'Dark Destroyer' & 'Legal Eagle'.

Anne dubbed the Governessjoined the pair in season two, with 'Sinnerman' Paul Sinha being brought in two series later.

The Vixen, aka Jenny Ryan, debuted the show in season nine, while Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis, who initially appeared as a prior contestant, was taken on as a Chaser in season 13. 

The Chase, which acquires a staggering 3.5 million viewers an episode sees the six quizzers take turns to battle teams of four from the general public, who get the chance to correctly answer a series of general knowledge questions in order to beat the Chaser and walk away with a cash prize.

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Barrister Shaun has revealed of doing two jobs: "It's not difficult to juggle the two" because "They are so different."

Answering which part of the show he finds the most difficult, he told The DailyStar: "There isn't anything, it's so enjoyable. I've been doing it for 14 years. 

"I use my transferable skills as a barrister, thinking on my feet, researching, and being fearless in answering questions."

However, the stars also revealed how much extensive research goes into preparing for the general knowledge quiz show. 

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Shaun explained: "We've always got to keep ourselves contemporary – I do about two hours of research a day."

Darragh added: "I do about five quiz competitions a week, and I usually do about an hour a day on top of that."

Christine Lampard from the Lorraine show asked Anne about her preparation for the show in 2019, and she revealed: "You keep doing quizzes, you keep reading, you keep researching things. 

"I was at a quiz in Hartford on Saturday.

"I'm going to be at another quiz in central London next Saturday, surrounded by other quizzers that I know are all sitting there doing a written paper. 

"Then, every morning, I am part of an American online League. So they're usually quizzes—most days, certainly most days in the week."

She added: "There's a quiz website that I play games on called Sporcle." 

Jenny, who has previously pointed out to the DailyMail that there's a touch of 'panto villain' in all her co-stars, insisted she also works hard to be prepared for the show and always keeps on-the-ball with the latest news.

In regards to her show prep she also told the Metro: "So I don’t have the traditional way of learning quiz facts like some of my colleagues from The Chase do – they like to read about things and it sticks whereas I like to take part in things,

"so I will consume the media that they’re reading the Wikipedia article about, like what’s new on Netflix, and I’m watching Netflix. 

"They’re reading about the pop charts and I’m listening to the pop chart. And honestly, the best way of learning anything is to be quizzed on it.

"So I’m doing my job as I’m learning and I’m learning as I’m doing my job."

In an interview with Debbie McGee on her BBC Radio Berkshire, Paul revealed: "In 2008, I decided I wanted to become good at quizzes, and then three years later I got a chance to be a Chaser. So, what a decision!"

"As you know, all jobs, even in entertainment, are jobs.

"They're hard work, and they're not necessarily as riotously fun as they might look as a viewer, but it is the dream job nonetheless."

He added."I can't imagine doing a job that I'd enjoy more."

The DailyStar previously asked Mark about the process of filming episodes for the show, and he revealed: "We film three shows a day, normally four days a week.


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"We do 200 and odd shows a year, but it's dropped to 160 next year."

The Chase airs weeknights on ITV1 and ITVX at 5pm

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