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This Morning viewer emotionally reveals how live breast check on show saved her life

A viewer of This Morning made an emotional appearance on the show to reveal that a live breast examination on an episode of the ITV programme in March saved her life.

Priya Kaura, 40, was watching the show as cancer survivor Leeanne Adu appeared topless as Dr Sarah Kayat explained and demonstrated the best way for women to check their breasts for any sign of cancer.

After watching and subsequently checking her own breasts, Priya discovered a lump which turned out to be a 5cm tumour that was cancerous.

Speaking to This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Dermot O'Leary today, Priya said that she 'would not be here' if it wasn't for the health segment on the show.

She said: "I'd never checked my breasts and never thought about it,' she explained.

"I'm under 50, no family history, I thought it was something that happened to other people".

Priya added that she had 'never checked her breasts properly' before, and that she had the sound turned down on the TV, but Leeanne caught her eye.

She explained: "I happened to look up at that moment, there was a demo happening at that moment in time, I thought Leanne seemed very young.

"I checked my breasts along with Dr Sara and instantly felt a lump.

"I thought its probably nothing, but my husband kept badgering me, telling me to go to the doctor.

"When I went to the dotcor, she felt the lump immediately, and referred me to hospital.

"A few weeks later on my birthday, I was told I had cancer."

She continued: "Under that lump was a really small coffee bean sized lump was a 5cm tumour on my left breast.

"And on my right breast was a separate 2cm tumour, it was so deep there was no lump."

Priya had a double mastectomy three months ago and she will be having reconstruction surgery in a few months, along with continuing with treatment until the end of the year.

She said: "I would not have caught it if i had not been watching this morning, I owe a debt of gratitude, I've been really happy to meet Leeanne and thank her."

Priya went on to urge This Morning viewers to check their own breasts and go to their GPs if they detect anything out of the ordinary.

Leanne, the woman who had her breasts checked live on-air, admitted she was nervous when she first appeared on the show, but she said she didn't think about the 'wider ramifications'.

She said: “When I came on that day I knew I was doing a good thing, but I never thought of the wider ramifications.

“The stories I’ve heard of Priya and others, that because of that [live examination] were able to detect their cancers, are priceless.”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV1 & ITVX

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