A reboot of The Office is in the works from the original showrunner Greg Daniels


In “Ehhh, I don’t know about this” news, there are reports that a reboot of “The Office” is in the works from the original showrunner of the US version, Greg Daniels. Over the years, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper, and Ed Helms have all said they’d consider reprising their characters. And of course, we’ve since learned that Steve Carrell didn’t actually want to leave, but rather NBC just didn’t approach him to renew his contract. Would they all actually come back, though?

I think the most obvious questions regarding an “Office” reboot are: Was anybody asking for this? Can a reboot add to the original series in a positive, productive manner? Or is this one of those shows that is best left as its original work? (Upon a rewatch, I like the entire series as a whole, even the post-Carrell years weren’t as bad as I remembered them being.) If the majority of the cast doesn’t return, would it be a spin-off with one or two actors back with an entirely new cast? While there’s been no official confirmation yet, word of the reboot came from a short mention in a Puck News post about the WGA strike ending.

Strike’s over, time to get back to our regularly scheduled stream of reboots. After 146 days of the WGA strike, the WGA and the AMPTP reached a tentative agreement on September 24, and, in a post-streaming world, that obviously means bringing back any television program that people already like. Next on the docket is reportedly every Gen Z’s favorite Netflix show that actually aired on NBC, The Office — Billie Eilish must be screaming.

Greg Daniels, creator of the U.S. version of The Office, is currently “set to do a reboot,” per Puck. Little is known beyond the fact of its existence, so best believe we have questions. Does it include the original cast returning or would it just be a new show, also set in an office? Actors like Steve Carell (who had already left the show by the time it ended) and John Krasinski seem unlikely to return, but Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey currently run an Office-themed podcast, so they might be down. Honestly, though, everybody knows all they need to get the people onboard is to bring back Creed.

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For me, it’s going to depend on how it’s done. I love the original cast, but their stories have already been told. What more is there? I suppose a spin-off involving, say, Dwight and Creed still working in the office with a whole new cast on a new “documentary” is a possibility. The concept of “The Office” is pretty universal and can be and has been many times. My absolute favorite post-Office workplace comedy is “Superstore.” I totally recommend it if you’re looking for something hilarious with intelligent commentary about life while working in retail.

In my opinion, reboots can be even better than the original material if they’re done the right way. Sure, we all got burned by “The X-Files” reboot, but “Cobra Kai,” “Ducktales,” and “Battlestar Galatica” are all great. There are so many fantastic episodes of “The Office.” I think “Dinner Party” is my favorite episode, followed by “Casino Night.” No matter which way they go about a reboot, it’s going to be a really tall order to make this work and get people on board beyond the first few episodes.




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