Russell Brand Hints At Nonsensical Conspiracy Theory Defense In First Statement Since Rape Allegations!

Russell Brand is speaking out again in his first statement since those sexual assault allegations dropped!

Obviously he already released a preemptive denial calling the allegations a “coordinated attack” — but this is the first time he’s spoken out since the horrible accusations actually came out. He spoke directly to fans, saying in a video across his platforms:

“I appreciate your support and you questioning the information you’ve been presented with.”

Yeah, sure. After all, that’s been his brand, no pun intended, the past couple years, right? Question everything, it’s all a big conspiracy? Just the past few years though, just since around the time he was outed as a “predator” on his TV show and realized eventually it would get out. Until then, why not build a following of folks who already support accused rapists — who will question any time a number of women step forward because they assume everything given to them that they don’t like is a lie?

Sigh. Whatever, go on.

“By now you’re probably aware that the British government have asked big tech platforms to censor our online content, and that some online platforms have complied with that request.”

Oh, here we go. He’s using the letter a member of Parliament allegedly sent asking right-wing favorite video platform Rumble to follow YouTube‘s lead and demonetize Brand’s content to make this a free speech matter. Let us guess — the accusations are all a sham, and it’s proof he’s onto something because they’re trying so hard to take him down??

He goes on to talk about the Trusted News Initiative, a partnership between news outlets and big tech, of which the BBC is a member. The TNI was developed in a response to the rampant misinformation being spread about COVID, which of course was an enormous safety hazard. Or as Russell puts it, they were created “to target, control, choke, and shut down independent media organizations.” Blah blah blah. He then immediately plugs the next episode of his show… “on Rumble.”

Like we said, he’s deflecting any and all actual accountability by scaring his viewers with 1984 razzle-dazzle. At no point does he actually address his behavior. It’s all about how this is a huge conspiracy, how he’s the target because he’s so brave to be out there telling the truth.

Or the other possibility is — and just hear us out on this one — the multiple women are telling the truth, and Russell Brand is, political leanings aside, a huge a-hole.

After all, the stories have apparently been getting around since 2018, before he got all fringe, four years before he launched his Rumble show. We guess the British government was really playing the long game on this one. Let’s see if we have it right… Years before they were created, the TNI started seeding fake sexual assault allegations in the British comedy community against Russell, knowing eventually he’d start questioning them about COVID, which of course, didn’t exist yet. And people legitimately think this guy is brilliant.

Anyway, you can watch the comedian talk about being persecuted if you want (below):

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