I live in a transit van to save on rent and even make money from it, it's a tight squeeze with cargo but I make it work | The Sun

ONE man has out-smarted the system by turning his transit van into his home while he works on the road so he can save on rent and make money at the same time.

The cargo driver from the US gave viewers a tour of his van/home on social media.

"This is a quick tour of the van I work and live in. I haul time-sensitive freight in a Ford Transit van, also known as expediting," he captioned the clip.

He elevated the bed using wooden slates so that he had room underneath to carry cargo while he travelled across the states.

Besides the 'bunk,' the cargo driver had an AC unit and heater as well as a power unit to keep his electrical items charged.

On top of the power unit, he also had a small storage container made from wood to keep his essentials such as tinned food.


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While the space may be tiny, it was just enough for the cargo driver to get by while living on the road.

Despite not having many home goods, his tiny home was perfect for his job and allowed him to save money while making cash on the road.

In one clip, he revealed he made over £900 in just 24 hours thanks to driving cargo from one state to another.

He explained he was paid roughly 95p per mile he drove.

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Not only does he get to make money while saving on hotels on the road, but he also gets to see lots of his country on the road that most people miss.

"Going into and through them small towns is always a great experience," he wrote in one clip.

The clip posted to his TikTok account @everything_apax soon went viral with over 100k views.

One person wrote: "Impressive."

Another commented: "Looks better than my apartment."

"Good for you, keep doing what you're doing," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Man you are getting rich."

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