I am a dating coach and here are 5 things super attractive people do

Dating coach reveals 5 things people do that make them super attractive to others

  • Jacob Lucas is a professional dating coach and TikTokker who is based in the UK
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A dating expert has revealed five things he says super attractive people do.

Jacob Lucas is a UK-based coach who has used his real-life methods to ‘help millions of people get the love life they have always wanted’.

He is the author of guidebook Her Dating Coach, he works directly with clients, and he also shares dating content on TikTok with his 766,000 followers. 

In a recent video, he outlined habits or traits he says super attractive people display, while explaining why this appeals to others. During the clip, which is titled 5 Secrets that all Super Attractive People do, he also gives advice on how others can display this behaviour too.

Speaking in the video, Jacob says: ‘I’m a professional dating coach. And [here are] five secrets that all super attractive people do. 

Author, social media creator, and dating expert Jacob Lucas (pictured) has revealed five secrets of super attractive people

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‘Number one, super attractive people make access to them exclusive. They don’t give their time to just anybody.’

Explaining why this can be appealing to others, he says: ‘The harder somebody is to access, the higher their social value is perceived by others. 

‘Remember, exclusivity is very attractive to most people because people want what they can’t have.’

Moving on to the next point, he says: ‘Number two [is that] super attractive people understand the art form of peacocking. Peacocking is basically making yourself stand out in a crowd.’

There are nuances to this though, as Jacob explains. He says: ‘If you try too hard to peacock, you look desperate. If you don’t do a little, then you will be lost in the crowd.’

Giving advice on how to integrate some peacocking into your behaviour, he suggest ‘wearing something fashionable, but also a little bit different so people’s eyes are drawn towards you’.

According to Jacob, his third point – which he says is ‘very important’ – is that ‘super attractive people link their name to an attractive role’. 

He continues: ‘So if you do an attractive job or hobby, you need to make that synonymous with your name. 

Among the five points raised by Jacob (pictured) are having high levels of confidence (that is not the same as arrogance) and playing to their strengths 

‘So let’s say you’re a yoga instructor, lots of people find that attractive. So you don’t want people just knowing you as Sarah, you want people knowing you as Sarah, a yoga instructor.’

While this may sound tricky, Jacob says: ‘Most people do something in their life that is considered very attractive by others. All you got to do is find out what it is and make people associate your name with it.’

Moving on to the next point, the dating expert says: ‘Number four, super attractive people play to their strengths. 

‘So for example, if you have a beautiful smile, smile whenever you take a picture.

‘If you have amazing eyes, wear makeup that highlights them. If you have an attractive voice, send voice notes instead of sending texts.’

The final point comes from an internal trait, according to Jacob, who says that number five is that super attractive people ‘have unrivalled confidence that comes not from arrogance but high levels of confidence’.

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