Meet five-month-old baby with hair so thick strangers think its fake

Meet the baby with an impressive head of hair so thick people often believe she's wearing a wig.

Millie Ray was born with hair so strong when she came into the world. The five-month-old tot usually has people taking a second look at her head.

Parents Julie, 34, and Alex, 39, are usually asked if her locks are fake and assume she's a lot older than she is. But the mum and dad assure it's all real.

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Recruiter Julie, from Vancouver, Canada, said: "Her hair was growing strong well before she came into this world. People say 'Wow, that's a lot of hair! What do you feed your baby?'"

She added: "Most people think she's older than she is because of her long hair. Often people will ask if her hair is real. We joke about it being a wig for babies."

Julia thinks the toddler's mop is down to genetics as she and Alex, a business owner, also have very thick hair. She added: "We definitely think it's a mix of our genes.

"Alex was also born with a full head of hair but still nowhere near as full as Millie's. Alex's hair is still very thick to this day. Mine is also fairly thick but Millie has me beat."

Despite what strangers think, Julie and Alex have never done anything special to the baby's hair.

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Julie admitted: "Since she is only just five months old, we mainly wash her hair with just water and baby shampoo once in a while."

The little girl's impressive hair has turned into a social media phenomenon, which baffled her parents. Julie explained: "We were surprised by how many people were fascinated with her.

"Every single comment has been about her hair but all very positive!"

Videos of Millie often reach thousands of views on TikTok and are swarmed with comments about her hair. Viewers often compare Millie to a baby doll or fairy of a children's book.

Julie thinks Millie looks like a Monchhichi, an extremely popular Japanese toy, depicting an adorable monkey with fluffy hair. She concluded: "Her head was covered in a couple of inches of hair at birth.

"Came out looking like Monchhichi."

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