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Paris Fury shares what clever Molly-Mae is really like behind closed doors

Paris Fury has revealed what her soon to be sister-in-law Molly-Mae is really like, as she shared how she was ‘surprised’ to hear Molly speaking so highly of her.

While mum of seven, Paris, is married to Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, Love Island star Molly-Mae is set to marry into the famous family as she prepares to wed Tyson’s boxing brother, Tommy Fury.

After both Paris and Molly-Mae appeared on the Netflix reality TV show At Home with the Furys, Molly spoke of her respect for Paris as she is heard praising her, saying she "doesn't know how she does it."

Paris has now opened up to Fabulous Magazine about her relationship with the social media star, revealing that their appreciation for each other is mutual.

Paris told the publication that she was ‘really surprised’ that Molly has spoken ‘so highly’ of herself and her world, adding “It’s lovely to hear people’s opinion of you.”

Opening up about what mum-of-one Molly-Mae is really like as a person, Paris said: “I think the same of her – she’s a clever young lady who’s really switched-on.”

However, the 33-year-old, who recently welcomed her seventh child with Tyson, spoke of her wish to see Molly, Tommy, and their little one Bambi more often, explaining that their busy schedules often get in the way.

Admitting that they don’t get to see them much at the moment, she added: “Tyson and I met Bambi early on, and now Molly-Mae and Tommy are so busy.”

Paris previously publicly showed her support for Molly after she announced she had passed her driving test in May 2019.

Paris was full of praise for her brother-in-law's now fiancé, as she wrote on Instagram: "Omg such big respect for this one @MollyMae. "A full-time businesswoman and squeezed in a driving test! Well done, babe."

She also added a sweet gif that read: "Brains & Beauty."

In a previous interview during one of Tyson’s boxing matches against Otto Wallin, Molly spoke about the two couples meeting for the first time, gushing over how welcoming the family has been.

"Tyson was lovely, and Paris was lovely," Molly told Behind the Gloves.

"The whole situation was really nice, and I think it was the perfect situation to meet Tyson because he was boxing and training very hard, so I just watched it and took it all in."

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